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Satellite details
Acronym FY-3J
Full name Feng-Yun 3J
Satellite Description
  • 10th flight unit of the FY-3 series.
  • Main mission: operational meteorology.
  • Substantial contribution to ocean and ice monitoring, climate monitoring, atmospheric chemistry and space weather.
Mass at launch 2300 kg Dry mass 2250 kg
Power 2500 W
Data access link no link provided
Data access information
  • Real-time availability of HIRAS, ERM-2, GNOS, MERSI-2, MWHS-2, MWTS-2, OMS (limb+nadir), SES (IPM+SEM+WAI), SIM-2 and WindRAD by MTP.
  • Real-time availability of a selection of data by AHRPT.
Orbit Sunsynchronous orbit Altitude 836 km
ECT 05:00 desc


Space agency CMANRSCC
Status Planned
Details on Status
(as available)
Launch ≥2027 EOL ≥2035
Last update: 2022-05-09
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Note: red tag: no longer operational , green tag: operational , blue tag : future

Satellite Payload

All known Instruments flying on FY-3J

Acronym Full name
MWHS-2 Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder -2
SIM-2 Solar Irradiance Monitor - 2
WindRAD Wind Radar
SWS/SEM/HEPD Space Weather Suite / Space Environment Monitor / High Energy Particle Detector
SWS/SEM/IMS Space Weather Suite / Space Environment Monitor / Ionosphere Measurement Sensor
SWS/Tri-IPM Space Weather Suite - Triple-angle Ionospheric PhotoMeter
MWTS-3 Micro-Wave Temperature Sounder - 3
HIRAS-2 Hyperspectral Infrared Atmospheric Sounder - 2
MERSI-LL Medium Resolution Spectral Imager - Low-Light
SSIM Solar Spectral Irradiance Monitor
SWS/SEM/FGM Space Weather Suite / Space Environment Monitor / Flux Gate Magnetometer
GNOS-2 GNSS Radio Occultation Sounder - 2
XEUVI Solar X-ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Imager
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Telecommunication frequency or microwave sensing channel information Show expert details
Service Dir or Mode Frequency Emission designator Bandwidth Polarisation D/A Data rate or Baseband Comments
MWTS-3 passive 23800 MHz 270000  kHz H or V A   Water vapour channel
MWTS-3 passive 31400 MHz 180000  kHz H or V A   Window channel
MWTS-3 passive 50210 - 57455 MHz N/R  kHz H or V A   Oxygen band, 13 channels
MWHS-2 passive 89000 MHz 1500000  kHz V A   Window channel
MWHS-2 passive 112750 - 124750 MHz N/R  kHz H A   Oxygen band, 8 channels
MWHS-2 passive 150000 MHz 1500000  kHz V A   Weak water vapour channel
MWHS-2 passive 175310 - 191310 MHz N/R  kHz H A   Water vapour band, 5 channels
WindRad active 5300 - 5300 MHz N/R  kHz - A   C-band scatterometer
WindRad active 13265 - 13265 MHz N/R  kHz - A   Ku-band scatterometer