List of all Satellites

This table shows all known past, current and future satellites for meteorological and earth observation purposes.It can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. The filter on the right allows to display only specific satellites. Filter instructions Help icon
Filter can be used to display satellites by certain criteria .
  • Filter by year of operation
    You can either select to display all satellites which are in orbit at this time, or select a time range of earliest launch and latest (expected) end-of-life, respectively.
    Use the handlebars to drag the slider into the desired position, or the arrows to move the time period around.
  • Filter by orbit
    To see satellites flying only in specific orbits, check the appropriate boxes. On hovering over the acronyms, you see the definition of the orbits. If no orbit is selected, all satellites will be shown.
  • Filter by agencies
    This filter allows you to specify the agencies of the satellite programme. Type the official acronyms, e.g. NASA, EUMETSAT, ROSHYDROMET, INPE in the box, separated by comma. (The names are not case-sensitive)
    For a list of all space agencies, go to Space Agencies
Generally, if no item is selected, all are returned.
The export functionality takes the current filter into account
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Id Acronym Launch EOL Programme Agency Orbit Alt. Long. Incl. ECT Status Payload