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Full name Relative Humidity (near surface)
Definition Relative  humidity  at a known height  above surface, with the height specified in the metadata.Relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of atmospheric moisture present relative to the amount that would be present if the air were saturated with respect to water or ice to be specified in the metadata
Measuring Units % Uncertainty Units %
Horizontal Res Units km Vertical Res Units
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Last modified: 2019-09-25
Applied in OSCAR/Space Gap Analysis: No
  • Domain: Atmosphere
    • Sub-domain: Basic atmospheric
      • Variable: Relative Humidity (near surface)
        • Measured in Layers:
          • Near Surface
  • Cross-cutting themes:

Requirements defined for Relative Humidity (near surface)  (1)

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Id Variable Layer App Area ATP Uncertainty Layer/s Quality Coverage Quality Stability / decade Hor Res Ver Res Obs Cyc Timeliness Coverage Conf Level Val Date Source General Comment Application Area Comment Horizontal Coverage Comment Observation Comment Performance Comment
776 Relative Humidity (near surface) Near Surface 2.5 Armospheric Climate Forecasting and Monitoring 1 % 0.5 % 10 km 60 min Global reasonable 2019-09-25 GCOS-200: The Global Observing System for Climate: Implementation Needs (Published 2016) Requirements in the GCOS-200 IP, Annex A, are only specified at the goal level.