List of all Requirements

This table shows all requirements (see home page for definitions). It can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. The filter on the right allows to display only specific requirements. Filter instructionsHelp icon

Note: In reading the values, goal is marked blue, breakthrough green and threshold orange. Priorities of requirements are also marked in pink

Filter can be used to display Requirements by certain criteria.
  • Filter by cross-cutting theme
    For retrieval of cross-cutting variables, e.g. in the cryosphere, the concept of 'themes' is used. A variable can be attached to none, one or more themes. When selected, all requirements defined for variables in the respective theme are returned.
  • Filter by Application area
    Select one ore more application areas for which the requirements are defined.
  • Filter by vertical layer(s)
    A layer refers to the vertical domain in which the requirement is defined. Hover of the acronym to see the definition.
  • Filter by horizontal coverage(s)
    Horizontal coverage refers to the horizontal domain for which the requirement is needed, i.e. globally, regionally, for specific points, or over land or over the ocean.
Generally, if no item is selected, all are returned.
The export functionality takes the current filter into account
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Id Variable App Area ATP Layers Layer/s Quality Uncertainty Hor Res Ver Res Obs Cyc Timeliness Stability / decade Coverage Coverage Quality Conf Level Source General Comment Application Area Comment Horizontal Coverage Comment Observation Comment Performance Comment