List of all Variables

This table shows all variables.It can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. The filter on the right allows to display only specific variables. Filter instructions Help icon
Filter variables by certain criteria.
  • Filter by cross-cutting Theme
    For retrieval of cross-cutting variables, e.g. in the Cryosphere, the concept of 'themes' is used. A variable can be attached to none, one or more themes.
  • Filter by Domain/Subdomain
    Variables are categorized by domain/subdomain. Each variable belongs to exactly 1 subdomain.
  • Filter by Layer
    A layer refers to the spatial domain in which the variable can be measured. Hover of the acronym to see the exact definition.
Generally, if no item is selected, all are returned.
The export functionality takes the current filter into account
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Id Variable name Domain Measurement unit Definition Uncert. Units Required for App. Layers