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Full name Interplanetary magnetic field
Definition Vector magnetic field (3D) in the solar wind. The reference frame is Cartesian or Cylindrical with many different axis orientations. Important in Space Weather to monitor magnetic disturbances of the near earth environment.
Measuring Units nanoTesla (nT) Uncertainty Units nanoTesla (nT)
Horizontal Res Units Vertical Res Units
Stability Units nanoTesla (nT) (Stability /decade)


Comment: Variable typically measured in situ at the L1 Lagrange point, but also valuable at other locations such as the L5 Lagrange point. Vital for forecasts and warnings of geomagnetic storms.
Last modified: 2014-11-26
Applied in OSCAR/Space Gap Analysis: Yes
  • Domain: Outer Space
    • Sub-domain: Energetic particles and solar wind
      • Variable: Interplanetary magnetic field
        • Measured in Layers:
          • L1
          • L4-L5
  • Cross-cutting themes:

Requirements defined for Interplanetary magnetic field  (1)

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Id Variable Layer App Area Uncertainty Stability / decade Hor Res Ver Res Obs Cyc Timeliness Coverage Conf Level Val Date Source
590 Interplanetary magnetic field L1 Space Weather 0.05 nanoTesla (nT)
0.1 nanoTesla (nT)
1 nanoTesla (nT)
1 sec
10 sec
60 sec
60 sec
5 min
15 min
Global tentative 2011-05-01 ICTSW-1