Requirement #590 


For variable: Interplanetary magnetic field

In application: Space Weather

Goal Breakthrough Threshold
Uncertainty 0.05 nanoTesla (nT) 0.1 nanoTesla (nT) 1 nanoTesla (nT)
Stability/decade (if applicable)
Horizontal Resolution
Vertical Resolution
Observing Cycle 1 sec 10 sec 60 sec
Timeliness 60 sec 5 min 15 min


Validated: 5/1/11 Source: ICTSW-1
Comment: Solar wind disturbance detection Confidence: tentative
Def: :Positive impact expected but not yet validated due to lack of suitable data and/or models
  • Domain: Outer Space
    • Subdomain: Energetic particles and solar wind