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Satellite details
Acronym STSat-2C
Full name Science and Technology Satellite - 2C
WIGOS Station Identifier ---
Satellite Description
  • 3rd flight unit of the STSat programme.
  • Main mission: Space weather.
  • Elliptical orbit, perigee 300 km, apogee 1500 km.
Mass at launch 100 kg Dry mass
Power 150 W
Data access link no link provided
Data access information
  • Data available from SaTReC (Satellite Technology Research Center).
Orbit Cross-magnetosphere orbit Altitude 670 km
Inclination 80 °


Space agency KARI
Status Inactive
Details on Status
(as available)
Launch 30 Jan 2013 EOL 15 Sep 2014
Last update: 2015-07-29
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Note: red tag: no longer operational , green tag: operational , blue tag : future

Satellite Payload

All known Instruments flying on STSat-2C

Acronym Full name
LRA Laser Retroreflector Array
LP Langmuir probe
SREM-dose Standard Radiation Environment Monitor - dose
SREM-particles Standard Radiation Environment Monitor - particles
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