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Satellite details
Acronym Aeolus
Full name Aeolus
WIGOS Station Identifier ---
Satellite Description
  • Single flight unit of the Aeolus programme.
  • Main mission: clear-air single line-of-sight wind profiling, profiling in clear air and aerosol layers
  • Contribution to aerosol observations through provision of atmospheric backscatter and extinction coefficient profiles at 355 nm. No instrument capability to distinguish optically thin cloud and aerosol layers.
Mass at launch 1367 kg Dry mass
Power 1400 W
Data access link
Data access information
  • NRT horizontally projected line-of-sight wind profiles (L2B product) and atmospheric optical properties (L2A product), available to Met Services and Scientific Community from ESA.
  • NRT L2B data in BUFR format will be broadcasted by ECMWF via EUMETSAT on EUMETCAST and GTS
  • Offline data (reprocessed data, L2C product, calibration and auxiliary files etc.) available from ESA via the same data access link as noted above.
Orbit Sunsynchronous orbit Altitude 320 km
ECT 06:00 desc


Space agency ESA
Status Inactive
Details on Status
(as available)

ESA announce end of Aeolus operations on 30 April 2023

Launch 22 Aug 2018 EOL 05 Jul 2023
Last update: 2024-03-12
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Satellite Payload

All known Instruments flying on Aeolus

Acronym Full name
ALADIN Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument
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