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Full name Cosmic ray neutron flux
Definition Flux of neutrons near the surface of Earth due to collisions in the atmosphere of cosmic rays impacting Earth atmosphere from the Sun and outer space.
Measuring Units neutrons┬Ěh-1 Uncertainty Units %
Horizontal Res Units km Vertical Res Units
Stability Units % (Stability /decade)


Comment: A proxy of the high energy radiation striking Earth atmosphere from space. The neutron monitors counting rates (sensitive to the low energy portion of the spectrum, 1-20 Gev) should be corrected for atmospheric pressure effects. For ground level energetic particle detection. Note hat the horizontal resolution varies with latitude and longitude. Higher resolution is needed in latitude, in particular at high to middle latitudes where the cut-off boundary exists for incident particles.
Last modified: 2014-03-27
Applied in OSCAR/Space Gap Analysis: No
  • Domain: Outer Space
    • Sub-domain: Energetic particles and solar wind
      • Variable: Cosmic ray neutron flux
        • Measured in Layers:
          • Near Surface
  • Cross-cutting themes:

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Id Variable Layer App Area Uncertainty Stability / decade Hor Res Ver Res Obs Cyc Timeliness Coverage Conf Level Val Date Source
576 Cosmic ray neutron flux Near Surface Space Weather 5 %
10 %
25 %
1000 km
2000 km
5000 km
60 sec
5 min
10 min
5 min
10 min
30 min
Global tentative 2011-05-01 ICTSW-1