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Full name Background Luminance (surface)
Definition Luminous flux received from the background, per unit solid angle and per unit area where the Luminous flux is a quantity derived from radiant flux by evaluating the radiation according to its action upon the International Commission on Illumination standard photometric observer. (symbol: L; unit: lm. m–2. sr–1 = cd . m–2 )
Measuring Units cd . m –2 Uncertainty Units %
Horizontal Res Units Vertical Res Units
Stability Units % (Stability /decade)


Last modified: 2011-06-23
Applied in OSCAR/Space Gap Analysis: No
  • Domain: Atmosphere
    • Sub-domain: Aerosols and radiation
      • Variable: Background Luminance (surface)
        • Measured in Layers:
          • Near Surface
  • Cross-cutting themes:

Requirements defined for Background Luminance (surface)  (1)

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Id Variable Layer App Area Uncertainty Stability / decade Hor Res Ver Res Obs Cyc Timeliness Coverage Conf Level Val Date Source
681 Background Luminance (surface) Near Surface Aeronautical Meteorology 50 %
36 sec
108 sec

36 sec
108 sec
Global firm 2011-06-14 J van der Meulen