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Full name Electric Field
Definition Magnitude and direction of the Earth’s electric field
Measuring Units mV·m-1 Uncertainty Units mVm-1
Horizontal Res Units degrees Vertical Res Units
Stability Units mV·m-1 (Stability /decade)


Comment: The horizontal resolution is counted in degrees of arc along an Earth orbit, i.e. 90 degrees correspond to 4 measurement points.
Last modified: 2011-11-09
Applied in OSCAR/Space Gap Analysis: Yes
  • Domain: Outer Space
    • Sub-domain: Ionospheric disturbances
      • Variable: Electric Field
        • Measured in Layers:
          • Ionos
          • Geo
          • Leo
          • Meo
          • Magnet
  • Cross-cutting themes:
  • Earth System Application Categories and its related Application Areas:

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