Requirement #911 


For variable: O3 Total Column

In application: Atmospheric Chemistry (deprecated)

Goal Breakthrough Threshold
Uncertainty 1 % 2 % 3 %
Stability/decade (if applicable)
Horizontal Resolution 5 km 100 km
Vertical Resolution
Observing Cycle 6 sec 3 sec
Timeliness 1 sec 30 sec


Validated: 12/16/21 Source: GAW Expert Team on Atmospheric Composition Network Design and Evolution
Comment: Other TC units: millimoles per square metre mmol/m2. One Dobson Unit (DU)=0.4462 mmol/m2 or 2.687x10^16 molecules cm-2. Uncertainties are provided as 2 sigma. They represent the sum of random and systematic error. Confidence: speculative
Def: :Generic interest expressed; requirement figures not provided; experimentation envisaged
  • Domain: Atmosphere
    • Subdomain: Atmospheric chemistry
      • Variable: O3 Total Column
        • Applicable (vertical) layers:
          • TC
        • Horizontal Coverage: Global