Requirement #884 


For variable: CH4 column average dry air mixing ratio

In application: Forecasting Atmospheric Composition

Goal Breakthrough Threshold
Uncertainty 7 nmol/mol 10 nmol/mol 20 nmol/mol
Stability/decade (if applicable) 1 nmol/mol 2 nmol/mol 5 nmol/mol
Horizontal Resolution 0.3 km 1 km 10 km
Vertical Resolution
Observing Cycle 60 min 12 h 3 d
Timeliness 24 h 7 d 14 d


Validated: 12/9/21 Source: GAW Expert Team on Atmospheric Composition Network Design and Evolution
Comment: Uncertainties are provided as 2 sigma. They represent the sum of random and systematic error. ESA URD-GHGCCI-v2016, TCCON Confidence: firm
Def: :Result of impact studies of actual data used in actual applications of numerical or conceptual models