Requirement #882 


For variable: CH4 Mole fraction (SR)

In application: Forecasting Atmospheric Composition

Goal Breakthrough Threshold
Uncertainty 2 ppb 4 ppb 8 ppb
Stability/decade (if applicable) 1 ppb 2 ppb 5 ppb
Horizontal Resolution 1 km 250 km 500 km
Vertical Resolution 0.1 km 1 km 3 km
Observing Cycle 60 min 24 h 7 d
Timeliness 24 h 30 d 182 d


Validated: 1/5/22 Source: GAW Expert Team on Atmospheric Composition Network Design and Evolution
Comment: Uncertainties are provided as 2 sigma. They represent the sum of random and systematic error. Requirements are for profile measurements. ICOS Atmos. Stations Specifications. Currently ICOS simply adopts the GAW recommendations. SR (source region) refers to measurements made within or close to source of pollution. Confidence: firm
Def: :Result of impact studies of actual data used in actual applications of numerical or conceptual models
  • Domain: Atmosphere
    • Subdomain: Atmospheric chemistry
      • Variable: CH4 Mole fraction (SR)
        • Applicable (vertical) layers:
          • UTLS
          • FT
          • PBL
          • Near Surface
        • Horizontal Coverage: Regional