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Programme details
Programme description
  • Programme framed in the Integrated European Union Policy for the Arctic.
  • Cooperative programme between ESA and the EC.  ESA responsible of development and operations.
  • The platform is actively stabilised over 3 axes.
  • The design life time is 7 years.
  • The satellite is on a sunsynchronous dawn-dusk orbit at 6:00.
  • For details, see "Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) Mission Requirements Document," ESA, 5 March 2019, URL:
Data circulation
  • TBD
Agencies ESA
Programme lifetime 2028 - 2035
Associated satellites and instruments

Note: red tag => no longer operational , green tag => operational , blue tag => planned

  • Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer