Requirement #575 


This requirement is historic and not longer current

For variable: Vegetation type

In application: SIAF (deprecated)

Goal Breakthrough Threshold
Uncertainty 0.055 Classes-1 0.066 Classes-1 0.11 Classes-1
Stability/decade (if applicable)
Horizontal Resolution 50 m 100 m 500 m
Vertical Resolution
Observing Cycle 7 d 15 d 30 d
Timeliness 24 h 2 d 7 d


Validated: 1/19/09 Source: Laura Ferranti
Comment: Confidence: firm
Def: :Result of impact studies of actual data used in actual applications of numerical or conceptual models
  • Domain: Terrestrial
    • Subdomain: Land surface
      • Variable: Vegetation type
        • Applicable (vertical) layers:
          • Land surface
        • Horizontal Coverage: Global land