Requirement #468 


For variable: Wave directional energy frequency spectrum

In application: Ocean Applications

Goal Breakthrough Threshold
Uncertainty 0.1 m2 . Hz-1 . rad-1 0.15 m2 . Hz-1 . rad-1 0.2 m2 . Hz-1 . rad-1
Stability/decade (if applicable)
Horizontal Resolution 100 km 500 km 1000 km
Vertical Resolution
Observing Cycle 6 h 3 h 24 h
Timeliness 24 h 3 d 30 d


Validated: 3/7/11 Source: JCOMM (Ali Mafimbo)
Comment: Ocean wave climate and variability. Wave climate applications may rely on nearshore wave modeling. Hence validation data for use in nearshore wave models is an additional requirement for climate applications Confidence: firm
Def: :Result of impact studies of actual data used in actual applications of numerical or conceptual models